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Jennifer Rundlett
Flute Studio

 From intermediate student to advanced performer. 

 Flute Lessons Online & In Person
Progressions of Pauline - Jennifer Rundlett, flute, & Candice Mowbray, guitar
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phone: 240-675-0866
Katy, Texas

Let's get started

Are you ready to improve? I would love to help you: 

  • find your beautiful flute tone. 

  • acquire speed and agility in your technique.

  • experience more confidence playing in front of an audience.

  • develop the skills to get the most out of your practice time.

  • become a part of a flute community and make new friends 

  • and so much more...



" Working with Jennifer has given me more confidence in my playing. I can truly say I have a much bigger sound than I did just 9 months ago. Because of this, I have greater freedom to play more musically."  



"Mrs. Rundlett makes music lessons fun! She is always challenging us with new activities and  I enjoy playing flute because it is something different from my friends."



"It has been amazing working with Mrs. Rundlett. It is like having a personal flute coach who is honest and realistic about your playing and one who explains everything very clearly and with lots of depth. I have enjoyed doing the MTNA competitions with her and so far I have placed 2nd and honorable mention and first in the Charleston International Competition.  



"Working with Jennifer over the past year, I have become less intimidated and much more relaxed in the upper register. Her focus on the fundamentals has improved my tone and just about everything!" 



"I have studied with Mrs. Rundlett for the past 6 years and she has taken my playing to new heights each year of study. Last year we worked on a piece called Medusa and I was challenged to play alto flute. From beatbox, flutter tongue, tongue pizz and multi-phonics we had a blast. Imagine the impossible and you have an idea of one of the highlights of my week."

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"Jennifer is great at creative problem solving. She was able to adapt and personalize materials to fit my needs. I now play with a much more focused sound and improved intonation. I really liked how she would send me notes after each lesson."  

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